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E-Learning Advantage

You’ve stretched and juggled all your budgets and trimmed all expenditures… or have you?  If you are still using old fashioned methods of training you people, you have overlooked a crucial area.    

How Will E-Learning Help My Organization?

CareTrain facilitates rapid organizational change and streamlined communication that allows more feedback from the grass-roots of your company while eliminating duplication of effort.

Think of the time (and money) it takes to arrange for instructors, the inconvenience of allocating a room for extended periods of time, and the expense of travel and lodging for remote staff to attend.  This takes valuable people away from the floor and even with all this effort, not everyone can attend this classroom instruction. 

CareTrain makes all this a distant memory.  You’ll train your employees at times and locations convenient to them while CareTrain tracks their progress!  Competency levels rapidly become consistent throughout your organization.

Contact us about our Corporate Solutions and find out how E-Learning can accelerate your training programs, company-wide.



Train staff without regard for time and location

Real-time visibility of status across locations

Faster organizational change & compliance  

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