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Intimacy and Dementia

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2 hours
2 CEU's

V-10607 LVN

Kathy Laurenhue

The issue of intimacy and older adults is virtually always controversial for the simple reason that we live in a youth-oriented society that seems to believe that older adults aren't - and shouldn't be - sexually active. When we are talking of people with dementia for whom issues of competency vs. exploitation create further complication, the issue of intimacy can become even more polarizing.


This course presents issues of sexual and non-sexual intimacy for the benefit of both professional caregivers and family caregivers, particularly spouses. A wide variety of cited professional resources as well as caregiver experiences provide the learner with information and insights. Written with sensitivity and humor, you may laugh aloud or shed a tear, but certainly you will complete this course knowing more about what the problems are, why they exist and how to solve many of them.



This course covers the following subjects as they relate to intimacy and dementia. Upon completion of this course, the learner will:

  • Increase understanding of the behavior of people with dementia while preventing others from labeling behavior as sexual when it often isn't.
  • Have respect for others' values and tolerance for their coping mechanisms
  • Know some parameters for thinking and intimacy and dementia issues
  • Bring a sense of humor to the discussion of sexuality and dementia, because laughter eases the tension and unleashes creativity for solutions to problems.

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