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Win-Win Menu Planning

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1 hour/ 1 CEU

564-0112-11241 CA DSS

V-10607 LVN

Emily Headly


“Win-win” menu planning means that both the residents and the property win. The residents are consistently pleased with the menu offerings and the fact that they know in advance what will be served during the upcoming week. The food cost has a much greater chance of being within budget, because the menus provide a clear guide for food ordering, labor distribution and historical cost reviews. The food service staff is able to find pleasure and fulfillment in their day-to-day duties, as a result of satisfied residents and systemized operations.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Have created all the tools you need, customized for your staff and residents, to build a set of win-win menus.
  • Learn how to use these tools for writing win-win menus.
  • Understand the considerations that must be applied as you are using your tools to build your win-win menus.
  • Learn how to estimate the costs of menu items and menus.
  • Be confident in your ability to write a customized set of win-win menus.

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