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Refunds or Replacements

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. This section is updated regularly to answer new questions we receive.

What is your policy regarding refunds or replacements?

All requests MUST be received within 24 hours of the time of purchase. To request a refund, simply go to your navigator page and click on the tools button. A menu of items will appear and select the refund wizard. Follow the instructions and your request will be made to the administrator. You will be notified of approval or non approval of your request.

Refunds/Replacements/Adjustments WILL be considered for:

  • Technical problems resulting in the inability to view courseware. Customer Service must receive written notification if the problem is technical and be given the opportunity to resolve the problem in order for a refund, replacement or adjustment to be considered. We highly recommend that all visitors try the tour before placing an order. By doing so, visitors ensure that they are able to view the courseware prior to purchase.
  • Service Outage.  If the site is out of service all courses in the catalogue will be extended.

Refunds/Replacements/Adjustments WILL NOT be considered for

  • Existing usage.  No subscription would be refunded if a course has been recorded. However, the course may be exchanged with different titles if any technical problem occurred.
  • Slow performance.  The courseware is designed to perform optimally at a 28800 connection rate, or better. However, we have no control over Internet bandwidth which can affect performance, causing brief pauses in the transfer and playback of the course. We recommend that visitors try the demo before placing an order. By doing so, visitors ensure that the course they intend to purchase meets their needs.


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