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Technical Support

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. This section is updated regularly to answer new questions we receive.

Will my computer run CareTrain courses correctly?

Most every person's computer will be able to run the CareTrain courses without any problems. To be sure, check out the System Requirements.

I keep getting an error that says "Session Timed Out"

If you are recieving a "Session Timed Out" error during a course or any time you are logged in, follow these easy instructions: "Session Timed Out" Instructions

I am playing the course I purchased, and I am unable to hear the audio. What should I do?

If your computer has sound capabilities check the following: make sure that your speakers are plugged in, turned on and that the volume is turned upĚ go to your Control Panel, select Multimedia, and make sure your volume is turned up.

Why is my video distorted?

Video is best viewed with a 256 color setting. Verify that your computer is set to 256 colors by clicking on "Control Panel", "Display", and "Settings". Under "Color Palette", click on the down arrow and select 256 color then select "Apply".


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